Maintenance Free Series - Advantages

Offers Higher CCA's which provides better starting power, up to 30% more.

Corrosion & Dis-charge

Calcium- CalciumTin alloy·, prevents grid surface from corrosion, reduces self-discharge by chemical bonding with grains of calcium.


Enveloped separator for low electric resistance, reliable starting power, prevents internal short between positive and negative plates.

Impact & Vibration

Advanced center lug technology and cast on stap, Guarantees against outside impact and vibration, reliable starting power, increases the stability of the plates, long lasting service life. Integrated computer design and reinforced container, protects the battery from vibration and impact

Active Materials

Hot melt glue to resist vibration, ensures resistance to outside impact and vibration, and minimizes loss of active materials.

Low-resistance & Strong Adhesion

Optimized Grid Structure, full frame grid, stamped grid and a unique designed grid for electric flow, prevents grid growth & short circuits, ensures low-resistance and strong adhesion of active materials, facilitates quick transmission of electrical power.

Acid Leakage

Special sealed cover structure, protects from acid leakage, minimizes gassing, frame arrestor prevents an inflow of outside sparks.

Transportation & Installation

Excellent handle design, provides an easy transportation and installation.


Magic eye indicator, easy to check charging-state.


Upgraded version of pasted cured plate, ensures resistance to outside impact and vibration and improves life-cycle.

Increased Durability

Ultra-micro fiber & Special tissue, increases durability of plate by reduced aging-rate of active material.

ABX & AGM Technology

Starting Power

Excellent starting power, superior starting power, even at lower temperatures, extremely minimal electric resistance, causing a quick reaction, more reaction surface area increasing energy density at the same size flooded batteries.

High Charge Acceptance

Extreme durability, higher energy to restart the car, 4 times the longest cycle life than flooded maintenance free batteries, high charge acceptance.

Non-hazardous Battery

Vibration resistance, non-hazardous battery classification for land, sea, and air traffic.


High Performance

High performance, excellent high rate discharge, powerful cycle performance by high density active material.

Long Life

Long Life, full frame stamped grid with Ca-Sn alloy, electrolyte density is stable, 2 times greater cycling ability over flooded moderate discharge levels.

Dual Purpose

Dual purpose, start & deep cycle services (marine & RV).


AGM absorbent glass mat separator.